Parking Lot Lighting and Autodealership Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting and Autodealership Lighting

A beautifully lit auto dealership that improves safety, sales, and customer satisfaction.

A well-lit auto dealership can sometimes be the deciding factor between a customer pulling into your parking lot or moving on. At Coast Electric Company, we know that great lighting can help you make a lasting impression on prospective clients. It can also have a significant impact on safety, sales, and customer satisfaction. To help you achieve positive results, we will carefully analyze all areas of your auto dealership, service bays, and showrooms to improve performance and efficiency through lighting. Our electrical experts will develop customized parking lot lighting solutions to achieve optimal light levels while keeping your energy costs down.

Our services include:

  • Exterior Auto Dealership Lighting
  • Service Bay Lighting
  • Dealer Showroom Lighting
  • New Construction Wiring
  • Custom Lighting Panels
  • Main Electric Service Upgrades
  • Electrical System Evaluations
  • Retrofit Parking Lot Pole Lights
  • And more

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